Top 10 European Tourist Islands For Holiday

When we talk about the travel in Europe, every one of us may think: green vineyard, delicious ham and castles with a long history. These attractions are basically on the land of Europe.

Few people pay attention to tourism on European islands. Island tourism will be an unforgettable and unique travel experience for you. Many countries like Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal have very good tourist islands.

The influence of European culture on these islands is obvious. But the attractions and cuisine on the islands are very different from those on European land.

Top 10 European tourist islands for holiday:
Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain)
Sardinia (Italy)
Madeira (Portugal)
Santorini (Greece)
Azores (Portugal)
Fuerteventura (Canary Islands, Spain)
Sicily (Italy)
Ionian Islands (Greece)
ibenik Islands (Croatia)
Ibiza (Spain)

Among these tourist islands, the Canary Islands in Spain are very famous. It is also one of the world heritage sites. We have specially collected 10 tourist islands in Europe that are very suitable for holiday travel, I hope you like them.