70+ Ombre Hair Color Ideas For Blonde Brown Black Hair

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Ombre hair colors have been trending for so long although many hair patterns came and went. Ombre hair styles are so versatile and they are really suitable for everyone. The rule behind the ombre hair colors is simple: darker at the hair roots and lighter at the hair end. Ombre hair coloring is a gradient strategy that became the most popular ways to color hair in the fashion world.

Ombre hair color comes from the French word that means “shadow” or “shade”. It can often be confused with balayage, which is a a hair coloring technique. Ombre hair is that the hair color gradually blends from one at the root to another towards the end.

Ombre hair is a fairly easy look to pull off and there are many choices in hair colors. The most important thing is that ombre hair colors are super low-maintenance and you don’t even need to dye your entire head. Ombre hair is one of the easiest looks to achieve, especially if you are a woman with blonde, brown or black hair.

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To ensure you get inspiration we have found more than 70 pretty ombre hair color ideas for you: blonde ombre hair, brown ombre hair, black ombre hair, grey ombre hair, purple ombre hair and etc. Click on and find your favorite to try in this season.