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Jane Cameron
Welocome to my Topbestlife Blog, Thanks for stopping by here!

Since my husband and his partner plan to invest in a factory in Zhejiang, In May 2019, James and I came to Hangzhou where the factory is located in.We started a period of working, living and traveling in China. In order to record the differences of life and culture between China and the United States, James deliberately spent a full weekend to help me open this blog. We intend to share our interesting cultural differences between China and the United States, as well as living story in Hangzhou and some tips on travel. I hope to help friends who plan to come to China for work and travel.

James and I like travelling very much. We have been to many countries like Maldives, Hungary, Denmark and etc. Since we arrived in Hangzhou in May, we have loved this city. There is the famous online company Alibaba and also Hangzhou has beautiful West Lake scenery. We have already lived in this city. One very interesting thing about China is that many people do shopping by scanning with their phones. When I was in the United States, James and I almost never use a mobile phone to scan the QR code. So I want to share with you the new things and travel logs that we have encountered in China. I also plan to use my spare time to work part-time on my travels.

James and I have moved from the United States to work in a city in China. There will be some difficulties in living and traveling. Of course there will be many interesting stories. We have already met many Chinese friends who are very enthusiastic and helpful. Now I am starting to write this blog, hoping to help friends who are coming to China for life or travel!


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